Plastics and Wooden toys advantages

No matter what you personally prefer plastic or wooden toys, you will need to take a look at all of the advantages, disadvantages that each toy type features. durability, quality design, practicality or simply teaching your child to be ecofriendly.

Once your child a wooden toys they wont settle for any plastic one and vice versa, so before you pick the first real toy for your little one that might just become their favorite, you will need to decide between wood and plastic.

Wooden toys advantages


They are more durable than those made from other material, except rubber naturally. These toys are made from solid, quality wood and are glued together piece by piece, they wont break even if your little one decides to test them by throwing or bashing. Worst case scenario is that they will have a little dent if thrown from a greater highly than usual. They wont fall apart or break in such a way that they become harmful

Quality design

Another feature that separates wooden toys from all other is quality design. They are made to last and preserve functionality and look over the year. They are safe to use in all aspects. Including type of paint and finishing layer used, shape and weight. Every wooden toys features soft edge and designed without easily detachable small piece


Because these toys are designed with simplicity in mind, your child wont have difficulties recognizing any shape

Wooden toys disadvantages

Fading colour

Wooden toys color tends to fade colour time and is susceptible to scratches, because the wood only covers with paint and protective layer

Relatively expensive

Wooden toys have great safe for the environment. You will be spent more than on any other type of toys

Plastic toys advantages

Detailed design

Plastic allows adding highly detailed products to toy part. This means that the engagement is increased as well as a chance to pick that toy as their favorite one

Realistic look

Plastics can be modified and shape in to virtually anything. This is great to helps your child work on developing creativity, imaginative play and mech more


Plastic toys have a far greater usability than other material. They are practical and promote creative play which is important for a developing mind

Plastic toys disadvantages

Mildly toxic

Pick  the right plastic toys, polyethylene compounds have harmful ingredient that can affect internal organ function in developing body

Bad for environment

 polyethylene compounds don’t degrade easy, this means that the environment will suffer long period recyclable

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