Exploring the Pros of Montessori Education

Parents may have heard Montessori teaching method ,What exactly is Montessori teaching method? the characteristics of Montessori education method: Identifies children’s emotions and child-centered- let them become bullies, but respect them as independent individuals and look at things about them from their perspectives Give children the right to choose freely- freely choose the “work” they want […]

Best musical toys to grow your child’s love of classical music

Musical toys are the perfect tool for introducing your little one to new sounds and instruments, and for improving their communication and brain responses. Kid Musical instruments set This vibrant set of wooden instruments includes a tiny tambourine, maraca, and castanet. Perfectly sized for small hands, they’re an ideal first collection of instruments for your baby […]

Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2020 Opens as scheduled

Featuring around 2000 global exhibitors, the 46th HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair will present a STEAM Toys product display to showcase the latest educational toys and games, meeting current market demands 30-267H 60pcs Wooden Castle Set Uniquely shaped blocks and colors inspire new ways to build and new stories to tell… There’s no […]

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