Exploring the Pros of Montessori Education

Parents may have heard Montessori teaching method ,What exactly is Montessori teaching method?

the characteristics of Montessori education method:

  • Identifies children’s emotions and child-centered- let them become bullies, but respect them as independent individuals and look at things about them from their perspectives
  • Give children the right to choose freely- freely choose the “work” they want to do, which triggers their motivation to learn.
  • Mixed-age teaching and children have many opportunities to help each other and learn from each other instead of competing-For example, young children will be eager to imitate when they see older children doing math work, older children learn to take care of younger ones as an example
  • Montessori education emphasizes individual teaching and is designed according to the different needs of each child,and no timetable- there is no fixed timetable. Observe the children’s interests, make learning records and then introduce his suitable teaching aids
  • Teachers are not a traditional “teaching” teacher who teaches students but a guide (Guide/Director) and “assisted” children to help themselves to grow.
  • Eliminate the reward and punishment system- When children find things they are interested in, they will be very involved, and can get satisfaction and happiness from the “work” in school, and material rewards are relatively less important to them.
  • Pay attention to daily life and sensory education-“Daily life education” is the first job, including life etiquette, small muscle development training, taking care of yourself and taking care of the environment. Sensory education includes: vision, smell, taste, touch, and three-dimensional touch, focusing on the sensitive period between 0-6 years old. For example, the training of sound perception needs to be carried out as early as possible.

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